Why Lease your car

Simple and convenient

Simply decide on your contract length, the initial payment and monthly rental, then get your car delivered for free. At the end of your lease, just hand the keys back.

More car for your money

Because the costs are often typically lower than other finance methods, you could afford to drive away in a higher spec car.

Warranty & tax included

Car leasing deals in Cyprus with us are full service included, so road, normal Maintenance and tyre changes, MOT and many other services are included in the price offered.

Do you have questions? We are glad to advise you in person.

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Secure the best offers with Sixt Leasing

What advantages does Sixt Leasing offer me?

The road to your dream car has never been so easy: Compare new vehicles from major brands conveniently online and choose the offer that best suits your needs and budget. Sixt Leasing is the right place for you! With more than 20 years of experience, as a manufacturer and bank-independent leasing company, we offer new cars at discount prices. Thanks to high purchase quantities on many models, we receive juicy discounts - and pass them on to our customers in the form of low monthly instalments. For you, this means: unbeatable online deals, full cost transparency and tailor-made telephone advice. Enjoy all the advantages of a new car: comfort, safety, full manufacturer guarantee. And that at particularly attractive conditions. More than 40,000 drivers already put their trust in a new vehicle leased from Sixt. You too can save up to 20%.

How do I find the right offer?

Still not sure which car is right for you? Then let us help you. Here you can easily filter according to important criteria such as brand, body style, type of transmission and fuel type and receive the right offers in real time. This way you can get your favourite new car particularly quickly and easily.

Is leasing or financing the right thing for me?

Depending on if you want to return the new car at the end of the term or keep it indefinitely, depending on how much you need the services offered by our full service lease, depending on how time flexible you are, with our Leasing services you decide for yourself and have a full service package included, peace of mind and full mobility services.

With Leasing, we know plans may change: No problem! You simply return the car and we take care of the marketing on the used car market with a small fee. With our innovative form of financing, you benefit from planning security. Would you like to use the new car - without owning it? Then our leasing is ideal for you.