What is Leasing

Leasing is the payment for the use of an item for a set period of time. The reason the lease differs from other financial tools is that you only pay for the use of the car, not the total value, the car will not be owned by you at any point of the lease.

A car lease is the payment for a set period of time, normally a car lease would be from 1-5 years. In Cyprus Leasing is normally offered as a Full Service Lease or Operational Lease. This then also includes the running costs and is easily compared with a Long Term Rental.

The main difference is the choice of car, which in the case of Leasing depends completely on the Customer's wishes. In a Lease the customer can choose any car from any dealership and request a Lease quote. This is the Dream your Drive concept. Where you choose and set up the car you wish to drive for a set period of time.